Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Closing the Window One Last Time

We originally opened this blog during the early stages of Dad's sickness. His illness was new adventure for our immediate family; one we'd walked through with many others, but had never encountered on our own. The first entry was Wednesday, April 8, 2009. Since then, there've been over 31,000 page views.

The blog became the window we opened to bring our community of friends, family and coworkers up to the sidelines.  You cheered, cried, encouraged and shook your fists at the scourge that attacked the "Papa" so many of you cherished.

Over time, his condition ebbed and flowed and, unfortunately, so did our devotion to communicating with you. When something crazy happened, someone (usually me) would say, "This belongs on the Blog!"

But life would carry on and whatever "it" was... well, "it" just didn't get reported in a timely fashion.

So, while we've loved our interactions with each of you, it's time that we close the window... but we'll leave the shutters cracked just a bit. The blog will stay online because, quite frankly, we like skim its pages from time to time just as much as some of you.

This, however, will be the final post.

Thanks again for all the love and warm fuzzies you've sent our way over the past four years. It's been beautiful sharing our lives with all of you.

If you'd like, there are posts from time to time over at our blog, feel free to drop by and leave a note.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Stanley-McGarvey Wedding

Glynnda McGarvey & Bill Stanley were married yesterday at the Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO. It was a simple, beautiful ceremony with dinner following.

Bill's four children, two brothers and their families made the trip up from Texas. The Taylor clan was also well-represented.  Heidi and Cooper made a darling appearance as Flower Girl and Ringer Bearer. It took four preachers to seal the deal... Dustyn Tallman, Bobby & Joe Stanley and myself all had a piece of the action.

There were certainly tears. 

There was plenty of laughter. 

The newlyweds are in the process of resettling in a smaller space in Moberly and moving the bulk of Glynnda's life "back" to Texas from whence she came. I'm sure there will be some pictures to follow from the official photographer, but here are a few candids...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GLYNNDA: Piano Recital Finale

July 14th, 3 PM was the finale to a quarter of century of piano lessons and recitals in Moberly, Missouri! It was a lovely and emotional time for both students and audience as the music of twenty-two participants filled the auditorium. Tiffiany Daiprai, whom I have taught since 1996, appropriately chose and closed the recital with "You Raise Me Up" and "Sunrise, Sunset." I will miss all of my students who have practiced diligently and with whom I have shared both joys and sorrows. I wish each of you the best as we continue into another chapter of our lives!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Turning off VACANCY signs

Some of you have already heard some exciting news
that is happening in my life. To the remainder of my
friends, I am thrilled to share with you that
Billy Ray Stanley, an evangelist from Texas, has
been courting me and has proposed
and I have accepted. 

We will wed in a private ceremony
with our families on July 27, 2013.

Glynnda McGarvey
Facebook, April 27th, 2013

A son's mother moved to Moberly 25 years ago, following his father who was elected to pastor a small mid-Missouri church.

They established bank accounts and roots. They became friends with combine drivers and made grape jelly from the vines in the backyard. The church grew and shrank and the house got new siding. Mother-in-laws moved in and sons moved out. Daughters graduated, grand-babies appeared, the lawn was mowed and the basement flooded and holidays passed with gusto and sweet potato casserole.

Over and over and over it went until life changed directions and dreams and plans melted away and a VACANCY sign appeared over hearts.

Then the son said to his mom late one night, "Here. Let's get you a Facebook account. You can keep up with your friends."

And so did the kids of a preacher-man cowboy, whose VACANCY sign had been flickering in the darkness almost as long as hers.

And their friend requests poured in and he found her, hidden among Farmville updates and eCards.

"Have a Blessed Sunday!" that first message read, a tentative reach from deep in the heart out to a Texas Girl transplanted in Midwestern cornfields.


She roared the question at the son who got her on Facebook to begin with.  She was suspicious of the Cowboy's intentions.

"Ride the wave," the son responded, innocuously. "Sometimes it just means hello."

It took her seven days to respond... with a blatantly casual,  "Thank you."

Then a January message lead to a March phone call and cell phones had to be plugged in because batteries couldn't keep up with stories that led late into nights of memories; two Southerners reacquainting themselves with lives lived far apart.

Kids read emails and text messages and shook their heads at the change of minds as winter struggled to stay around in the warmth of love blooming.

The Cowboy Preacher drove north into the promise of a new beginning with an old family friend. There were meetings of minds. His. Hers. Her kids. A declaration around a table bursting with chicken grilled and potatoes smashed.

And 25 years later, a Texas girl goes back home.

To horses on the Gulf Coast.
To new adventures.
To love.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GLYNNDA: Annual Piano Recital

I had my annual piano recital on December 9th with a full house and 23 of my 30 students participating.  Musical selections are always a mix ranging from popular to classical to Christmas music to celebrate the season because I believe the students perform best when they are performing the music they love.  

Over the years the students have organized a variety of presentations to showcase their musicianship.  This year was no different.  One of my fourth graders accompanied her mother as she sang, and a second grade student accompanied herself as she presented two vocal solos.  Though the afternoon is fraught with stress and nervousness, it is still a wonderful musical memory maker for everyone involved.  

My thanks to all the parents, grandparents and care-givers who make it possible for the children to participate and to all the adults who choose to put yourself on the line for a thee to five minute performance!  I love sharing my love for the piano with you all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Traditions: The Nutcracker Suite

It's Christmas and that means...

Da Da Da DAaa... DaDaDa... DaDaDa... DaDaDa... DaDa DaDa Ddadada...

Or, The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy from The Nutcracker!

See?  Now you're humming it, right?  You get the Da Da Da's? 

OK, maybe not. 

At any rate, that was Christmas a few weeks ago from Grammie to all of the kids, grand or otherwise.  And they did ah-mah-zing.  Cooper sat through the entire two-hour performance.  Entranced.  Heidi was wooting like she was at an Aerosmith concert at every break.  Ballet.  Stage Diving Divas.  It works.

This was the Moscow Ballet's interpretation of the classic and they had a few... interpretations.  Like the moon-walking mouse that showed up in Act II.  Or the cannon that shot confetti.  Perhaps that's what kept Cooper in his seat for so long.

Thanks to Mom for a wonderful night out at Jesse Auditorium!